Online game and lead generation campaign for AXA Car Insurances Belgium


January is traditionally the time of the annual Brussels Motor Show and the moment all car manufacturers and everyone remotely connected to the car industry promotes their services. To be noticed in this overload of messages we created a somewhat unconventional campaign to promote AXA Belgium's car insurances.

Instead of just telling why they should choose for AXA's services we let them play our reflexdriver game o discover for themselves how easy an accident can happen. Even when you couldn't have prevented it in any way. In the game the user is driving in a car and is confronted with unexpected obstacles like a pigeon or debris on the road which they have to avoid as fast as possible. The faster the user reacts the more points he gets and the bigger his chance in winning the BMW i3.

The game was optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile. To guarantee a smooth experience to all users we worked out a benchmarking strategy which tested device performance/ability during the initial game load. Depending on the benchmark result we adapted the level of detail in the game to make sure the game wouldn't lag or even freeze due to less performant devices.



January 2016
Duval Guillaume
Digital Producer
Production partner
Sevenedge, Belgium
AXA Insurances Belgium