Re-Born To Be Alive.

Turning the unused and forgotten apps on your mobile phone to a life saving medium.


May 2013
Duval Guillaume
Digital Producer
Production partner
Appstrakt, Belgium
Re-Born to be alive


These days, every big event has its own smartphone application. When the event is over, the app loses its purpose and remains unused. However, a lot of people still keep the app on their phone. We asked big event organizers to give their apps a second life in order to find people who want to give their organs a second life. Via the so-called Reborn App, people learn about organ donation and can easily sign up as an organ donor.

  1. When a big event is over, people often keep its app on their phone.
  2. We give this unused app an update, a second life.
  3. The app has become a Reborn App.
  4. Via this Reborn App, people can sign up as an organ donor.